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Exhibition Terms and Conditions参展条款

Exhibit space payment shall be made according to the schedule set forth in Exhibit Space Contract. The rented booth should not be transferred to others, otherwise the Organizing Committee has the right to cancel or change the booth location signed by the contract. If exhibitors cancel the reserved booth less than 90 days before the opening of the exhibition, the Organizing Committee can only refund 50% of the paid booth fee. If the reserved booth is cancelled less than 45 days before the opening of the exhibition, the paid booth fee cannot be refunded. If exhibitors are neither cancel the booth reservation nor participate in the exhibition, the Organizing Committee has the right to resell the booth to other exhibitors or use it for other purposes, and the booth fee paid by exhibitors cannot be refunded. If exhibitors wish to change standard booth into raw space within 55 days before the opening of the show, the difference of the booth fee cannot be refunded.

参展商应在展位合同上的付款期限内支付定金或付清展位费用,且参展商不得将已租展台转租他人, 否则组委会有权取消或者改变本合同签订的展位。如果参展商在展览会开幕前不足 90 天取消预定的展位, 组委会将只退还已付展位费的 50%。如在展览会开幕前不足 45 天取消预定展位,则已付展位费不能退回。 如果参展商既没有取消展位预定也不来参展,组委会有权决定将该参展商所预定的展位转卖给其他展商或 者派作其它用途,该参展商所交展位费也将不予退还。参展商在距开展前 55 天内,将标准展位转为光地 展位,展位费差额不予退还。

The Organizing Committee shall have the right to remove the exhibits that do not meet the scope of the exhibition, and shall not be responsible for the losses caused by the removal of the exhibits and the costs incurred. No refund shall be made for the booth fees paid.

组委会有权清除不符合参展范围的展品,移走展品造成的损失及产生的费用组委会概不负责,已支 付的展台费用概不退还。

Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all laws, ordinances, and regulations on fire control and public safety.


Exhibitor assumes all responsibility in respect of all copyright, trademarks or patents which are protected under the law of P. R. china. In the case of verified infringements in such fields, for which the exhibitor is responsible, the organizing committee has the right to clear the exhibits out of the exhibition hall.

参展商有责任遵守受中国法律保护的一切版权、专利和商标,如果由于展商自身的责任造成了侵权 行为并得到核实,组委会有权将展品清出展馆。


The Committee of Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair


Changing booths note

在第一阶段展位分配中已分配到展位的参展商如对展位不满意,需要填写书面的《调换展位申请表》 。选择是否保留已分配到的展位。如保留展位,需按照合同缴纳展位费用。如不保留展位,请在申请表中选择不保留展位。申请表提交后转入第二阶段,等待调换。原则上优先调换已缴费展商。